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Meet Mutualism

Meet Mutualism

We are a socially-minded financing firm designed to enhance sustainable, locally owned businesses.
Financing Opportunity

Financing Opportunity

We bridge the gap in funding opportunities for South African business in-need.
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We provide tips and education to help our business partners grow.
Hands on Support

Hands on Support

We offer tailored support to offer guidance in areas of our partners’ choosing.
We’re helping to impact

50 Businesses and 120+ Customers

Mutualism’s new model to launch and grow entrepreneurship in South Africa.
Black Owned
75000Rand $
Avg. Investment Size
Youngest Partner
Female Partners
A New Investment & Consulting Strategy

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We’re empowering businesses with new investment and consulting strategy which is bringing power to the small business owners of South Africa.
Mutualism – a trusted business funding & consulting service!

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Discover what’s possible with community centered investment.

We partnered with Anthea to develop a food trailer that serves, employs, and gives back to the people of Bellville South.
A New Model

How We Help Businesses Thrive

Capital Investment
We provide capital in the form of assets that are needed for the business to function. This allows the investments to be backed by these assets, which belong to Mutualism while the business raises enough to pay back the principal.
Empowering Ownership
Once the assets are paid back, ownership of the asset is transferred to the investee. Mutualism’s model of “asset-backed investment” mitigates risk for our partners.
Business Consulting
Our hands-on consulting ensures that we properly equip our partners with skills for years of success. We approach consulting through an integrated approach that addresses a business needs to drive sustainability, community engagement, product quality, marketing and sales.
Continued Support
Mutualism builds relationships with its partners to ensure long-term success. Our mission to foster community growth guides our strategy. We provide ongoing support for partners to improve business operations and efficiency.

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