Mutualism Partners with The Box Shop to Develop a Shared Kitchen

Mutualism Partners with The Box Shop to Develop a Shared Kitchen

Mutualism is excited to further its partnership with The Box Shop to develop a shared kitchen to enhance their shop. Learn more about The Box Shop and our partnership below.



Meet our partners @ the Box Shop Lifestyle: The Box Shop Lifestyle is an authentic purpose-driven commercial brand with a social heart, and mandate to support, accelerate and develop local-based enterprises to access new market channel’s through its retail platform, partners, and affiliates market channels.



The Box Shop has recently been funded by Mutualism to set up The Box Shop Kitchen – an eatery to cater to local and international tourists and patrons. This investment will also unlock novel tourism experiences through affordable packages, converting the space into a unique and ideal tourism destination.



Why? as a team -Central to our teaming up is to develop, propel and ignite the power of great enterprising ideas, and to pivot new ways in which start-ups can be supported and empowered to enable them to create and deliver value to the market.



Soweto is one of the 1st labor migrates township settlement in Johannesburg during the gold rush, its genesis and DNA is epitomize’s the definition SA culture,  he term SOWETANS represent multiple cultural concoctions, Soweto is the only township in South Africa which their residents can speak all nine official languages. With a population of over 3 million, Soweto is the only township with 45 suburban neighborhood and bordered by the biggest gold mines in SA from the South and West.
Soweto is the epicenter of rich SA culture, diversity, and history. The becoming of Soweto has been led by historical events that changed the course of history like the 1976 June 16, Youth Uprising, etc. Soweto is the only township and City in the world which has a street “Vilakazi Street” where two Nobel prize winners resided Dr. Nelson Mandela and Archi Bishop Tutu.
Soweto remains an investment jewel of SA townships because of its trendsetting status in tourism, media, property, and lifestyle, and its also a gateway for SA township tourism. It’s forward-thinking and trendsetting status earned through global citizens like Trevor Noah who grew up in “Soweto Orlando West”, where the Box Shop Lifestyle is located makes Soweto a destination of choice for many.

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