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Mutualism was founded to appease the many social and economic issues that have become so prevalent in South Africa due to the recent atrocities of Apartheid. Unfortunately, the repercussions of Apartheid are very much prevalent today; South Africa has deeply rooted issues with wealth disparity, cyclical poverty, and an unequal financing system.

Mutualism is a socially-minded financing firm designed to support township based entrepreneurs and small businesses with the goal of enhancing sustainable, locally owned businesses.

What We Do for Your Business

Our team works collaboratively to ensure that our business partners are successful. We combine a variety of experience and expertise in business strategy, finance, marketing, and relationship-building to push our partners forward.

Meet Mutualism

Meet Mutualism

We are a socially-minded financing firm designed to enhance sustainable, locally owned businesses.
Financing Opportunity

Financing Opportunity

We bridge the gap in funding opportunities for South African business in-need.
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We provide tips and education to help our business partners grow.
Hands on Support

Hands on Support

We offer tailored support to offer guidance in areas of our partners’ choosing.

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Our Mutualism Cohort 3 Application is now live.

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